1/8 MJX ALLRock H8H Remote Control Climbing Car RTR


  • $583.11

Due to aviation restrictions, we do not provide lithium batteries. Please prepare a 3S lithium battery by yourself.
A remote control car is a type of car that the driver can control remotely through a remote controller. Typically, remote control cars are used for entertainment purposes, such as playing with toys or in remote control car races.

Remote control cars are often equipped with a remote control, which can be a console or a compact remote control device. The driver uses the controller to control vehicle functions, including direction control, speed, and other functions.

MJX remote control car series is a famous brand in the field of remote control cars. MJX stands for Meijiaxin Toys, a company specializing in the production and distribution of remote control toys. They have produced many remote control car models with different features and sizes to serve the needs of players.

The MJX remote control car product line includes both off-road and off-road vehicles. MJX vehicle models often have strong performance, good climbing ability and good handling on difficult terrain. In addition, MJX remote control cars are also often equipped with features such as LED lights, flexible suspension and remote control capabilities.


✔ Technical specifications of the super hot remote controlled super car Land Rover Defender MJX ALLRock H8H:

– Speed: 15-20 km/h

– Frequency: 2.4 boats

– Gearbox: 2 levels

– Engine: Magnetic 3970

– Water resistance: IP67

– Control range: Approximately 100m

– Playing time: 120 minutes

– Charging time: 180 minutes

– Weight: 2800 grams

– Color: Sea blue, Orange yellow


MJX ALLRock H8H packaging includes:

– 1 MJX H8H remote control car

– 1 2.4 GHz remote control

– 1 USB charging cord

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