D1RC D110 Pickup Version Camel Cup Climbing Off-road 1/10 Rc Crawler Car


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D1RC D110 Pickup Version Camel Cup Climbing Off-road 1/10 Rc Crawler Car

D110 Camel Cup Land Rover pickup truck version, 1:10 scale, metal narrow bridge CNC process,
small bridge egg, good passability, can drive through water; no need to cut the car shell to install and retain the interior,
the cab can place a puppet driver; supports normal Reverse transmission axle, two-speed remote control adjustable,
good driving posture; except for the deluxe package, the car shells of other packages are yellow,
and only the hands-on version and the deluxe version have simulated parts and luggage racks.

Name:D1RC D110 Camel Cup pickup version
Ratio: :1:10 scale
Drive mode: full-time four-wheel drive
Length, width and height: 545*200*265mm
Battery life: 40 minutes-1 hour
Approach angle: 38
Departure angle: 30
Front/rear longitudinal passage angle: 30°/35
Frame: D1RC metal frame
Car shell: D110  hard shell (pickup version)
Axle: narrow axle
Gearbox: Front second gear gearbox
Drive shaft: metal drive shaft
Ball head: nylon + metal
Shock absorber: 80mm high simulation shock absorber
Tire: diameter 92mm
Wheels: 1.7-inch metal wheels
Front and rear bars: Metal front and rear bars
Spare tire: hood spare tire + rear spare tire
Girder: carbon fiber girder
Luggage rack: handmade luggage rack
Motor/ESC: Hobbywing Cool Running 2-in-1
Steering gear: GX45KG magnetic waterproof high-voltage steering gear
Shift servo: Customized waterproof shift servo
Battery: format ace 2200mah
Remote control: NB4 remote control
Suitable for 1/10 RC Crawler Car 

D1RC D110 Pickup Version Camel Cup Climbing Off-road Vehicle 1/10 RC Crawler Car for Defender Accessories Parts

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