1/14 TFC45 Remote Control Hydraulic Container Reach Stacker Model JX-KCK RTR


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1/14 TFC45  Remote Control Hydraulic Container Reach Stacker Model  JX-KCK RTR


Product name: 1/14 remote control hydraulic electronic reach crane model


Product model: JX-KCK-TFC45


Material: The main material is carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, plastic


The entire vehicle is equipped with basic electronic equipment and basic lighting. Sound and battery need to be equipped by the player


3S lithium battery compartment (cover between headlights) size: 59*34*200mm


Battery plug:XT60


Factory standard remote control: Fossil PL18 EV lite


Number of reversing valves: 5-way


Number of action channels in the whole vehicle: 12


Shipping status: RTR (battery installed, hydraulic oil added, ready to play) Net weight: about 23kg


The packed weight of the flight case is about 47kg


Product storage size: 320*350*880mm (the boom is fully retracted and the hanger is rotated 90 degrees)


Packaged size: 1200*480*450MM.


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