Drifting Beast DB2 Ⅱ 1/24 RWD Rc Drift Car KIT RTR ALL OP

Drifting Beast

  • $317.10

The new version of DBⅡ full op version is officially launched, details are as follows:

Electronic manual and stickers are included.

Kit frame version requires the purchase of tools, ESC, motor, servo, receiver, gyroscope, battery, charger, remote control, car shell, wheel hub, tire, invisible, etc., and needs to be assembled by yourself.

DBⅡ frame introduction:

1. It concentrates all the op parts of the current versions, one-step in place, saving the trouble of upgrading step by step.

2. On the basis of the original, a slide groove is added to the front and rear connection. Two screws can fix the front and rear parts of the frame, and there will be no misalignment of the front and rear of the body. To change the wheelbase, just loosen two screws to slide forward and backward to change the wheelbase. The wheelbase range is increased to 98mm-125mm.

3. The new rear wheel cup upgrades the function of the basic version, which can realize the rapid adjustment of the rear wheel camber angle in the straight bridge mode, with an adjustment range of -3° to 0°, and can quickly switch between semi-independent mode and straight bridge mode.

The function of locking the roll is newly added.

4. A new set of lower connection holes for the rear shock absorber has been added. The rear wheel cup holder is fixed to the straight bridge plate with two screws, which can facilitate the quick adjustment of the rear wheel toe angle.

New functions of DBⅡ:

Ackerman quick adjustment
Front wheel caster quick adjustment
Front wheel suspension geometry quick adjustment
Front wheel camber quick adjustment
Rear wheel toe angle quick adjustment
Straight bridge and independent quick switching, with roll lock function
Rear wheel caster quick adjustment
Vehicle wheelbase quick adjustment, slide structure, say goodbye to the front and rear body misalignment
Motor can be adjusted 10mm front and rear
Electric layout is convenient and fast, easily achieving the rear center of gravity

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