58CC Double Cylinder Petrol Gasoline Engine Motor for Hpi BAJA LOSI 5ive-t X-MAXX Rc Car


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1. In-line double cylinder design.
2. Six-bearing crankcase.
3. Higher strength crankshaft and connecting rod.
4. With imported carburetor.
5. The structure of the middle cylinder has been further improved to improve air tightness and reduce piston wear.
6. Forced air cooling design.
7. It is simple and practical with a pull starter.

Cooling method: forced air cooling.
Exhaust method: side row.
Displacement: 58CC.
Bore diameter: 36mm.
Stroke: 28mm.
Maximum power: 15HP.
Torque 5.4N.M.
BH 11:34:25.
Net weight: 4kg.
Dimensions 220*182*180mm.
Power: 3kw/10000min.
Speed: 19000/r.p.m.

Fuel: premixed oil, 25 (gasoline): 1 (lubricating oil).
Lubricant: high-grade two-stroke engine oil.
Ignition method: non-contact electronic ignition.
Start: The hand puller starts.
Suitable models: gasoline scooter, 1/5 1/6 1/4 gasoline remote control model car.

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