CNC Mini Desktop Drilling Machine for 1/14 1/10 Rc Car DIY Modification


  • $95.00

Approximate size of desktop micro drilling machine: height 15cm, base length 13cm, width 10CM
.Drilling Stroke: 13.5mm
.Drillable Soft Metal: 1-3mm
.Recommended Power Supply: 12V 2A Power Adapter (Not Included)
.Product Weight: 780g
The parts of the milling machine are all made of aluminum alloy using CNC precision machining, which is very portable and exquisite. It is suitable for RC players to modify their own metal frame and drill holes. It can easily drill holes in aluminum alloy or carbon steel sheet metal with a thickness of 1mm. (Stainless steel cannot be drilled, because the strength of stainless steel is too high and it will damage the drill bit)
You need to prepare the power supply by yourself. Price does not include power supply.
Power supply voltage: 12V it is recommended to use 12v 5A power supply