Capo Jkmax 1/8 Rc Crawler Car Air Shock Absorption Pneumatic Suspension System Kit


  • $365.00
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The whole system consists of a main unit and four airbag shock absorbers, which are connected by silicone air pipes and controlled by a four-channel remote control. respectively

1: Group A air intake (two shock absorbers) is independently controlled;

2: Group B air intake (two shock absorbers) is independently controlled;

3: Synchronous control of the whole vehicle air intake (four shock absorbers);

4: The whole vehicle is deflated (four shock absorbers) synchronously controlled.

Among them, the mechanical air intake adjustment that controls the level of the four wheels is grouped (front and rear or left and right optional), although it is amazing enough, but unfortunately does not carry a digital level sensor.


The main unit is made of all-metal material, including a micro air compressor, a micro one-way valve integrated device and a relief valve. The shock absorber is also made of metal, with a built-in air bag and a cylinder block whose damping is adjusted by shock oil. Equipped with a set of independent control handles.



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