Metal Automatic Stepless Gearbox for 1/14 Tamiya Rc Truck Trailer Tipper Sacnia r620 770s


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Noted:it Is Remote Control Toy Tractor Truck Part,size Is Very Small,not for Real Tractor Truck
Infinitely variable speed concept:
Infinitely variable speed technology, it uses the transmission belt and the variable working diameter of the main and driven wheels to transmit power, which can realize the continuous change of the transmission ratio, so as to obtain the best match between the transmission system and the motor speed.

Advantages of automatic stepless gearbox:
1. The biggest difference between the stepless transmission and the ordinary automatic transmission is that it eliminates the complicated and bulky gear combination transmission. The core component of the transmission mechanism is two sets of pulleys. By changing the contact radius of the driving wheel and the driven wheel metal belt Shift the speed. The transmission efficiency of the stepless transmission is high and stable.
2. When moving the stepless gearbox, only one forward channel and one backward channel are needed to realize the acceleration and deceleration of the model car. Reduced the remote control shift channel settings, the working principle can refer to the principle of the infinitely variable speed of the car.
3. After installing the automatic stepless gearbox, due to the characteristics of automatic transmission, there is no need to install gear shifting servos and various accessories.
4. The shell is made of high-precision casting technology, with exquisite appearance and high degree of simulation.
5. The gearbox housing has not undergone any color processing, and is completely zinc alloy. Players can perform color processing according to their own preferences.

Basic parameters:
Reduction ratio:
Maximum 1: 61.44 Minimum 1: 9.83
Gear reduction ratio: 1:24.576
Pulley reduction ratio: 1:2.5 when starting
2.5:1 at maximum speed

Recommended motor:
12V540 brushed motor 27T to 35T speed range 13200-16500 rpm/MIN (the larger the model weight, the larger the T number is), the lighter the weight, the relatively small T number. But please be within the recommended range
12V540 brushless motor 1300KV to 1500KV

Speed 15000-18000 rpm/MIN
Transmission weight 0.66KG
Weight 0.9KG after assembling the motor
Output shaft diameter 5MM long 6MM (flat structure)
Mounting hole, beam direction X55MM, axle direction Y53MM
After installing the motor, the total length is 162MM, and the net length is 110MM

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