1:20 Rc SEAMIP Tugboat Model Assembly Kit 50CM Length


  • $474.21

1:20 Rc SEAMIP Tugboat  Model Assembly Kit

The proportion of this model ship is1:20 The kit version needs to be assembled and colored by yourself. Assembling set includes high quality glass steel ship body, accurate laser cutting board pieces, exquisite decorative small pieces and lamp set accessories. Assembling set production requires some basic knowledge, and the production belongs to the simple level.

[Specification]]: Length 500mm width 280mm height 350mm
[Power configuration suggestions]]: 6V-4500Motor 12V-9000 RPM motor (12V motor for drag rubber raft)
[Material]]: Fiberglass, solid wood, resin, ABS

1. Within assembling set No remote control, battery, steering gear, electrical adjustment

Assembling set show:

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