1.9 2.2 Inch CNC Five-spoke Clip-on Wheels for 1/10 Remote Control Car


  • $27.23

CNC heavy duty aluminum alloy wheel hub for 1/10 remote control car
This price is for a single piece, please buy 4 pieces per car, thank you!
2.2-inch wheels:
Hole diameter: 7mm, outer diameter: 65mm, pressure ring diameter 61.5mm, reverse inner diameter 52.5mm, thickness: 35mm, weight 113g
1.9-inch wheels:
Hole diameter: 7mm, outer diameter: 56.5mm, pressure ring diameter 52.5mm, reverse inner diameter 45mm, thickness: 27mm, weight 76g

① The classic wide-spoke shape enhances the appearance of the vehicle and is easy to clean. It is suitable for model friends who often play in water and mud roads.
②Unique large flange design further increases dynamic balancing performance
③ The inner edge of the wheel hub is arc-shaped and does not damage the tires.
④ Fast tire installation, only 5 screws for 2.2 and 6 screws for 1.9, simulated nuts and simulated screw mounting sleeves.


Model friend loading diagram effect:

Real shot of wheel hub:



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