1/14 Remote Control Tractor Scania MAN ACTROS AROCS Hino Air Conditioner


  • $26.73

1/14 parking air conditioner for most models

Tamiya Hager Scania,  ACTROS AROCS , MAN TGX (without top spoiler) TGA TGS,

Radium Hino MAN, quiet Volvo, and so on.

Simulated car roof air conditioning design.

White resin for easy coloring

The rate and the installed seat are convenient for fan heat, suitable for players with high-top stacked electronic devices.

Fan heat nets and fine water stickers are all designed to better restore real air conditioners.

More realistic.

All accessories are carefully designed by the store.

Accessories include: white resin body, aluminum alloy base, stainless steel cooling net, 5V fan, full set of water stickers, mounting screws, alignment design 1MM foam glue.


Description: 1 The length of the screw can be adjusted to the height of the installation.

          2 After the stainless steel is removed, please polish it and then paint it.

          3 water stickers are available in two colors, depending on your own spray color.

          4-position cut foam glue, can be used in moderation (note the viscosity)

Let's design the effect of painting the accessories and the shop.