3 Axle Trailer Pallet for 1/14 Hydraulic Excavator Model Tamiya RC Tractor


  • $1,366.20



product description:
1: The whole vehicle adopts CNC metal processing structure, which can reach a bearing capacity of 100KG;

2: The whole car adopts electronic control, which can have more delicate movements while multi-functional operation;

3: The whole car is equipped with 4 micro steering gears, that is, 2 micro steering gears, which can realize all the functions of the real car;

4: The electronic control part is the first to use the anti-pinch function of accidental touch, which can protect the player to the greatest extent during operation;

5: The third axis of the trolley is a follow-up steering axis. When reversing, the third axis can be locked back and forth according to the same operation as the real car.