Acuvance Rad Brushless Esc Motor for Professional RC Rwd Drift Car


  • $77.22

Acuvance Rad Brushless Electric Black/red/purple, suitable for professional RC rear-wheel drive drift car

Note: No COOLING FAN for ESC or motor, need to be purchased separately! In addition,you need to use Futaba device or other devices to gently inform, you need to brush the firmware in order to use smoothly, otherwise can not use!

1. The FET has been updated to achieve smooth and torque output characteristics. It inherits ACUVANCE's classic silky feel while achieving higher torque output characteristics. Aggressive throttle control at low revs for refined and dynamic driving.

2. Equipped with anti-connect protection, with LED alarm notification plug back, to prevent anti-connect damage panel about 10 seconds

3. Pyramid shape design, after the installation of fans to achieve a higher cooling effect. (force the wind down and away from the sides, dampening the blowback)

4. Holographic cutting

5. Equipped with XX electric adjustment of the torque level and torque terminal function. [ torque level ] . Adjust the torque feel for acceleration/deceleration. [ torque endpoint ] . Set the torque level function to run the throttle range. Support for AGILE and FLEDGE motors only

6. Support for TAOIII setup cards

7. SBUS wireless module is supported

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