Beituo 30 ° N 1/5 Large Proportion Gasoline Power 38cc Large Displacement Baja Rc Car DTT-7S 2.0V2


  • $1,876.05

State of Assembly : Ready-to-Go
Scale : 1:5
Model Number : DTT-7S 2.0
Package Includes : Original Box,Operating Instructions,charger,Remote Controller
The new DTT-7S 2.0 version of the Beituo model has undergone multiple upgrades based on the standard DTT-7 2.0 version

1. Upgrade the engine to a 38cc large displacement (CNC box) 2. Upgrade the differential bracket to a closed gearbox (CNC integrated) 3. Upgrade the front and rear support and two floor panels to a metal CNC integrated system 4. Upgrade the tires to race track specific tires 5. Accelerator and steering gear holder (CNC) as standard product comes with the car

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