CROSSRC EMO X3 Northeastern Tigers 1/8 RC Rescu Crawler Car RTR


  • $661.32


CROSSRC EMO X3 Northeastern Tigers 1/8 RC Rescu Crawler Car RTR
Power : Brushed
State of Assembly : rtr
Wheelbase : 375mm
Remote Distance : about 400m
Scale : 1:8
Dimensions : 648*302*309mm
Model Number : EMO X3
Crossrc EMO X3 is based on an off-road rescue vehicle, equipped with the powerful Crossrc EMO X chassis, and adds a number of major optimization upgrades.This resulted in the creation of this 1:8 multifunctional 4x4 simulation climbing vehicle EMO X3 that integrates trailer rescue and high-performance climbing.


EMO X3 optimization and upgrade:

1. The heavy-duty reinforced girder of the XL version, which corresponds to the needs of high-power power and rescue trailers, has a 200% increase in cross-section ratio and a multiple increase in strength compared to the standard girder. We will also launch an XL version of the reinforced beam upgrade kit for the existing EMO


2. The M4 stainless steel counterweight pull rod is weather-resistant and rust-proof; the entire vehicle adopts reinforced ball head buckles to meet the heavy load bearing of the vehicle during vehicle rescue operations and when users modify high-power electrical equipment.
3. The rear rescue tow hook is controlled by the original remote control to retract and retract, adding simulation entertainment and providing rescue support for the fleet. A common dual-motor winch on the market can be installed (the remote control has reserved channels) to realize the boom resiliency. Remote control tilt and lift function.


4. The VELOCIRAPTOR high-performance AT tire is newly developed for hard roads. The targeted tread pattern makes the road grip performance fully explode.


5. The original car is equipped with a high-power light set, with a center warning light, multiple modes, and remote control.


The X3 has a sturdy mast-type roll cage, and the rear compartment is covered with a metal anti-skid plate. After removing the rescue tow hook module, it immediately becomes a high-performance professional climbing vehicle to challenge the limits.


The new EMO X3 car retains:

1. Super large approach angle, the original 65-degree approach angle, can withstand various dangers and obstacles;


2. The transmission geometry design with almost no visible shaft effect, the floor oil acceleration is balanced and precise, and the precise control is pleasing to the eye;


3. The full-rudder gear shifting and differential lock control mechanism eliminates the need to set the steering gear, eliminating the trouble of burning the steering gear due to improper settings and making control changes worry-free;


4. The original rear balance linkage mechanism makes the vehicle stable and controllable when crossing at high speed or even drifting;


5. The hidden quick-release car shell lock is convenient and reliable and will not trip or drop the car shell;


6. PM process high-strength alloy gears, precision cutting gears and high-strength mixed fiber nylon large tooth combination, anti-wear and silent;


7. The whole vehicle is equipped with high-precision ABEC3 grade rubber-covered bearings, which are silky smooth and effectively extend the maintenance cycle;


8. Reverse transmission high and low gearbox, with wide gear ratio range and less shaft effect;


9. The strong inlaid door bridge structure provides sufficient torsion resistance for large power systems and ensures structural safety;


10. Large-diameter barrel CNC hinged shock absorber, with both performance and posture;


Tigers and tigers are powerful! EMO X3 new car launches in two colors RTR version (Xuanqing black, flame red)


A special gift of personalized car body drawings can be achieved for personalization.


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