Double E A40G 1/16 RC Hydraulic Articulated Truck RTR

Double E

  • $2,762.10

Please note: Large-capacity lithium batteries cannot be sent by airmail. Please note a 3s lithium battery with XT60 interface.
Double E A40G 1/16 RC Hydraulic Articulated Truck RTR


Product: A40G 6*6 Dump Truck

Size: 710mm*210mm*235mm

Weight: 14.5 kg

Load: 35KG

Hydraulic system: high performance pump

steel rim with tire

All-wheel drive with motor and controller

Configure lighting system and sound system, with rotating beacon light.

Battery type: Li-Io 6000mAh 7.4V XT-60


Shipping package:

A40G 6*6 dump truck*1

Remote control system*1



Screw kit*1




The dump truck is 710mm long and weighs 14.5kg. Its tipping volume is enormous.


With extra-long hydraulic rams, it positions the dump truck almost vertically for tipping with an incredible 35kg of tipping force.


Steering is achieved with two hydraulic cylinders, so it is as functional as the prototype.


The truck is powered by a brushless motor and has 6x6 all-wheel drive. The power of the drive is extraordinary.


With its high weight and pendulum bearing shaft, it can tackle almost any terrain.


The model is delivered fully assembled, including sound modules and lighting system. A multifunctional rotating beacon was also installed.


The hydraulic system is controlled by two powerful metal gear servos.


This model comes with a Pro Remote - programmed and ready to use.


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