DriftArt DA3S 99030 1/24 Rc Drift RWD Drift Chassis KIT Without Motor Electronics


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DriftArt DA3S 99030 Racing Drift RWD Drift Chassis KIT


Package list: Empty frame KIT *1 SET  (No electronics, no wheels and tires, no body.)

                         or Empty Assembled frame(No electronics, no wheels and tires, no body.)


Front end system.

The masterful design of DriftArt's DVF (Dual Vector Foli) 3D steering technology is renowned worldwide.

Geometric considerations are superior, adaptable, and potent, while interference is exceedingly low.

The mechanism of the suspension remains intact, as does the Ackermann angle.

(Supports the plastic servo, mounted upright.

Supports the AFRC/AGFRC servo, placed with a tilt of 12 degrees forward)


Drive system.

Belt drive design delivers a silent and steady run.

The battery position is adaptable and compatible.

The gearbox permits reverse installation, and the motor can be positioned in the center, on top, or in the rear.

Smooth, adjustable shock absorbers allow for realistic body roll during drifting.

Compatible with 1/24 scale car bodies.

Equipped with a universal mounting tongue and L-buckle frame, it offers optimal support for Kyosho 90-98 wheelbase models as well as wide and narrow bodies with an infinitely adjustable 90-138mm wheelbase.

Front end width is infinitely adjustable, and there are accessible rear end add-ons.



Customized, high-precision, gold-plated ball heads guarantee smooth operation.

Excellent materials for ball head plastic.

Full vehicle quick-adjustment tie rods.

Optional installation of brake discs is enabled with an adjustable KPI steering cup



DA3S mini RWD chassis kit. (No electronics, no wheels and tires, no body.)

It is our pleasure to introduce to you the new generation of Drift ART Mini RWD Drift chassis, DA3S.
Thank you for your support all the time!
According to your experience and feedback, we considered the following three core principles when designing DA3S:
Economy, Adaptability, Ease of use.

1. Economy:
Hope users can enjoy an excellent and rich drifting experience,even they do not buy any option part.
The DA3S is equipped with some key metal parts as standard, mainly made of 7075 aluminum alloy and 6061 aluminum alloy, with high precision and quality.  And the adjustability is excellent!

2. Adaptability:
Compatible with 1:28 and 1:24 car bodies.
At present, most chassis do not support 1:28, even if they support 1:28, they do not support narrow bodies, such as 1/28 AE86.
On the basis of supporting a very wide car shell, DA3S also supports a very narrow car shell, and it can be installed without damage (the tongue and L buckle parts can be installed).

3. Easy to use.
Compared with the previous Drift ART kits, the difficulty of DA3S assembly is reduced by 50%.
The swing arms of DA3S has been pre-assembled without grinding, which is not only easy to use, but also smooth.
Equipped with an original design "folding spacer", it is convenient for the user to lower the play of the swing arms easily.
In terms of parts packaging , package is carried out according to the assembly steps, and the user assembles the kit according to the order of the parts package, which is easy and clear!

A. New DVF (7075 aluminum alloy)
(New Dual Vector foil, 3D steering system)
DA3S is equipped with 7075 adjustable servo arm - new DVF.
Features :
-1, Equipped with adapter rings, not only support metal servos, but also suitable for plastic servos.
-2, The V-shaped track is adopted, and the two sides are perfectly symmetrical after installation.
-3, The locking angle of the screw is optimized, the screw has been anti-loosening treatment, and can be easily installed to the middle angle.
-4, The appearance is more coordinated, more natural and more imposing.
(DVF is Drift ART's original and pioneering core feature, which makes the front steering geometry remain good in the case of large Camber and large Caster. It is reflected in the operation of the shock works, the caster angle and toe angle are more stable.)

B. New OFM
(New Offset Master)
-1, The offset of the steering knuckle is adjustable, no need to pick the wheel hub, and adapt to any degree of wheel hub.
-2, achieve low offset while maintaining a large steering angle.  The trade-off between steering angle and offset is balanced.
-4, the geometry of the steering cup is optimized, and the Ackermann angle is more balanced.
(The wheels of the mini cars have different offset values.
In the early 1/28 system, users can only adjust the width of the car by replacing the wheels with different offset.  Users need to purchase wheels with different offsetrepeatedly.
Most of the mini chassis in the new era can adjust the length of the swing arm.  Even so, there are still many limitations, such as the pursuit of a low offset chassis, and the inability to use low-degree wheels.  However, for a chassis that pursues large steering, the offset distance is too large, the wheels rub against the car shell and there is a phenomenon of wheel shrinkage.
DA3S new Off-set master, the degree of [steering knuckles ] is adjustable, which not only adapts to wheels of any degree, but also reduces the offset to maintain the simulation characteristics of the real car wheel.  )

C. Extendable dog bone (stainless steel) + Extendable rear swing arm
UX-CVD+ERA(Extendable rear Arms)
-1, The dog bone can be stretched by 3mm.  Standard stainless steel telescopic dog bone UX-CVD, wear-resistant, advanced design, advanced technology.
-2, The rear straight Axle has different mounting holes, which can be further extended by 1mm.
-3, The rear swing arm and the seat can be extended by 3mmon each side, and 6mm for total.
(In order to adapt to different car widths, players could only adjust theoffsetof the rear hub in the past. It is necessary to buy a lot of wheels with different offset. If you want to adjust through the swing arm, the length of the rear swing arm of most chassis cannot be adjusted.)

D. Transformable Drive Shaft (7075 aluminum alloy)
-1, Classic craftsmanship, High concentricity, and effective anti-skid.
-2, Can be expanded into a toothed belt to further enhance the explosive power.  (Option parts sold separately)
-3, It can be extended to gear transmission in the future.  (Option parts are not yet on sale, expected in summer 2023)

E. Metal bottom chassis (7075front, 6061-T6 main)
-1, 7075 front pre-assembled front swing arm, smooth, no empty space.
-2, 6061 main parts are refined and light.
-4, Chassis expansion parts can be installed to make the chassis more wide. (Option parts sold separately)
-3, Wheelbase, 86mm-120mm,step-less adjustable.  Compatible with most 1/28-1/24 car shells.

F. Abundant kit layout and structural changes.
-1, The links installation are rich :
T-shaped high-mounted (wide/narrow array), T-shaped inverted (wide/narrow array), V-shaped (wide/narrow array).
-2. The battery holder has features of modularization, can adapt to batteries of various sizes, and can carry out rich layouts. Through battery layouts, rich changes in the center of gravity of the chassis can be realized.  The DA3S Battery Stand is not only lightweight, but also very easy to use!
-3. The motor layout is changeable. Through the newly designed motor mount and gearbox, the motor layout realizes a total of 120 degrees of infinite angle adjustment.
-4, The gearbox can be turned over, the motor layout position is doubled, the change of 120 degrees x2 = 240 degrees, and the rear motor or battery can also be realized.

G. High precision
-1, Ball heads and the cups are perfectly matched, smooth and free of voids.
-2, Nylon parts are pre-through holes and pre-tapped threads, with excellent precision and assembly experience.
-3. The level of CNC processing is high, the size and quality of the parts are reliable, and both the precision and the appearance are of a high standard




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