Futaba T16izs 16IZS Transmitter 2.4G with R7308sb Receiver


  • $612.81

Left hand throttle
The T16IZ inherits the design of T32MZ. The new handle is exceptionally thin, resulting in a better stick operation. Like the T32MZ, the antenna of the T16IZ features a smart design preventing damage in transit.
So far, the stick's spring rate could not be regulated without removing the side grip. Through changing the design of the gimbal, it has now become easy to change the mode as well as the spring rate.
As for the former T16SZ, the display would reflect the sunlight, but the new T16IZ has a 4.3-inch color LCD, which is overly clear. It's suited for being used outside and the range of visibility has improved.
The T16IZ features a 2,000mAh new lithium polymer battery and can be charged through the USB-port. 
The new T16IZ is for someone who wants to customize all functions to their own style and eliminate unnecessary functions.
- Professional 16+2 channel remote control system with FASSTest & T-FHSS 2.4 GHz technology.
- Model selection, internal memory for 30 models, expandable as desired via SD card
- Model/user name up to 15 characters
- Modulations switchable FASSTest, S-FHSS, T-FHSS
- Stickmode 1-4 switchable
- 8-language menu navigation
- Color touch screen 4.3 inch, 480 x 272 pixel
- Telemetry with voice output via loudspeaker, optional headphones
- 16 control elements: 4 trim encoders, 8 switches, 2 rotary encoders, 2 side sliders, all freely assignable
- Power supply via 2S 2000mAh Litium-Ion Polymer battery
- Variable antenna position
- Built-in loudspeaker
- Connector for headphones
- Graphical servo monitor for displaying all servo travels with servo test function
- Future-proof due to update capability via SD card
- Extensive timer functions with voice output
- Integration timer (throttle value x time = "fuel consumption")
- Vibration alarm
- S.Bus port for programming and registration of S.Bus products
- 8 flight states per model memory combinable with Logic function
- 10 free programmer
- AFR 3 modes, up to 17 points
- 13 wing types, 3 tail surfaces, 8 swashplate types to choose from
- Fully equipped helicopter menu with swash ring, governor, servo travel and speed compensation, throttle limiter
- 3 turn modes for throttle/pitch, up to 17 points possible
- Gyro setup (CGY760) possible directly from transmitter
- Fully featured glider menu with 13 wing types, 3 tail surfaces
- Extensive mixer selection for gliders and motor models
- Freely configurable instructor/student channel assignment, single or mixed mode
- Switchable CRSF audio output for use with TBS Crossfire transmitter modules

- Channels: 16 linear + 2 switching channels
- Transmission system: FASSTest, T-FHSS, S-FHSS
- Frequency band: 2.4 GHz
- RF transmit power: 100 mW EIRP
- Voltage range: 6.0...7.4 V
- Dimensions: 190x203x72 mm
- Weight approx.: 790 g

Configuration list:
Remote control transmitter * 1
R7308SB receiver * 1
control strap * 1
2000mAH rechargeable battery * 1
USB- connection cable * 1
adjustment wrench * 3

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