JXmodel Hydraulic Rescue Vehicle Diy KIT for 1/14 Tamiya RC Truck


  • $2,573.01

Buyers need to have strong hands-on skills, and we do not provide any technical guidance. There are instructions in the box, and you need to complete them independently. If you are assembling a hydraulic model for the first time, please do not purchase it
JXmodel Hydraulic Rescue Vehicle Diy KIT  for 1/14 Tamiya RC Truck 
Boom Wrecker Rescue Vehicle 2.0 (Top KIT)
JXMODEL's newly upgraded and improved rescue vehicle optimizes a lot of craftsmanship and details on the basis of 1.0, and recompiles more detailed and professional assembly instructions to make the production process and factory configuration more standardized and sophisticated.
This upgrade only retains the four-axis version that is more popular in the market. The shell of the carriage is made of stainless steel etching, bending and laser welding. The sandblasted surface leaves the factory, which greatly improves the adhesion of the paint. The sub-beam and boom parts in the middle are finished in black electrophoretic paint. The boom, outrigger and winch have been highly integrated and assembled. Players only need to connect the oil pipe to the hydraulic station and connect the wires to start operation.
It is worth mentioning that this version 2.0 upgrade upgrades the original 4-way hydraulic pressure to 5-way hydraulic pressure, that is, the original screw support legs are upgraded to hydraulic drive. Realize true all-metal hydraulics.



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