Kabolite K960 1/18 Rc Hydraulic Articulated Engineering Vehicle RTR


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KABOLIT K960 1/18 Rc Hydraulic Articulated Engineering Vehicle  RTR

Model: K960

Product size: 580*196*198mm / Product weight (bare car): 8.25kg Outer box size: 68X27.5X36.5cm/ Packing quantity: 1 Packing method: inner foam/foam size: 67*33*26cm Gross weight: 11.76kg/net weight: 10.48kg

Full description of product functions: Hinge function: forward, backward, left steering, right steering, push bucket up and down functions, independent functions of lights and rotating lights

Product features: the hinge card highly imitates the functional appearance of the real hinge card, forward, backward, turning, push bucket activity design, can move forward, back pull 10KG, push bucket can push 10KG, strong sense of experience, appearance simulation, detailed workmanship in place , the packaging atmosphere is high-grade

Body capacity 0.00241m3
Speed 2000-5000rpm
Total steering angle 60°
Machine quality 8.25KG
Loading capacity 5--10KG

Basic parameters
1. Body elevation height (mm) 360.43
2. The flat height of the car body (mm) 165.62
3. The height of the body raised from the ground (mm) 53.76
4. Body length (mm) 325.83
5. The maximum length of the bucket (mm) 299.36
6. The suspension distance from the ground to the front axle (mm) 31.41
7. The distance from the tail of the car body to the rear wheel axle (mm) 80.93
8. The distance from the rear wheel to the center of the middle wheel axle (mm) 98.30
9. The distance from the center of the front wheel to the middle wheel axle (mm) 229.60
10. Distance from front traction to front wheel (mm) 85.76290.17
11. Total body length (mm)
12. The height from the ground to the headlights (mm) 198.60
13. Tire edge distance (mm) 173.13
14. The overall width of the body (mm) 195.60

Battery: 18650/7500mAh7.4V 5C
Use time/minute: 40 minutes
Charging time/hour: 5-8 hours
Speed standard/hour: 0.38KM/H
Straight walking standard/2 meters: 2 meters ± 20 ± CM
Steering diameter/m: within 2 meters
Bucket lifting weight/KG: 10KG
Up and down slope/degree: ≤22 degrees
Remote control distance/meter: >25 meters



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