LC RACING PTG-2R 1/10 4WD Rally Car Kit


  • $345.51

LC RACING PTG-2R 1/10 4WD Rally Car Kit

KIT kit version, which needs to be assembled by yourself, comes standard with the following contents:
1. Fender kit/dust cover/new LC rally tires
2. Full vehicle ball bearings/front and rear wheel CVD/12.9 grade screws
3. OP 3MM thickness carbon fiber front and rear hydraulic frames
4. OP 7075-T6 adjustable motor base
5. OP suspended servo base
6. Comes standard with 3 types of soft and hard springs, one for each car (i.e. 4 springs each for 1.1/1.2/1.3, a total of 12 springs, players can freely mix and match according to the venue)

New improvements

Standard configuration of the entire vehicle is CVD/metal coiled hydraulic shock absorbers/front and rear carbon fiber hydraulic frames/dust cover/fenders/carbon fiber suspension servo mount/adjustable motor mount

Basic parameters of the frame:
Length: 375mm
Wheelbase: 257mm-262mm
Width: 190mm
Weight: 960g
Internal gear ratio: 2.5:1
Bearings: ball bearings throughout the vehicle

Kit kit, need to be assembled by yourself (excluding car shell/equipment)
Need to purchase separately: car shell/ESC/motor/servo/remote control/receiver/battery/charger/peripheral tools

battery charger set

PTG-2R adds some upgrade parts based on PTG-2, and the Kit version provides options for players who like the fun of assembly.

Both the front and rear wheels are designed with CVD transmission, and come standard with OP 3MM thick carbon fiber front and rear hydraulic frames.

Comes standard with OP 7075-T6 adjustable motor mount and 12.9 grade strength screws throughout the vehicle.

Comes standard with OP suspension servo mount and fender set.








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