Metal Winch for Capo CD 1582X Queen Rc Car


  • $107.91

Capo C2 upgraded to 2024 new dual-power remote control winch
Capo's classic C2 all-CNC metal model winch is the first dual-motor design winch, which truly realizes the working significance of the model car winch rather than just limited to simulation decoration. The 2024 new winch has a smaller body, suitable for Capo QUEEN models and the entire series of Capo 8-scale and 10-scale car models in the past. For modification of other brands of models, you only need to modify the fixed holes yourself. No independent controller is required, directly connect to the receiver channel to achieve two-way control of the remote control.
Note: The C2 logo is installed on the rear beam of the winch by default, and it needs to be placed on the front beam of the winch for shooting. Here you can choose and adjust according to your personal preferences and the location of the vehicle exposure logo.
Specifications of this model:
Length: 79mm
Width: 23mm (at the limit)
Height: 26mm (at the limit)

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