Mini Hydraulic Jack 1/10 Trx4 Rc Car Props


  • $74.25

As shown in the picture, it is obvious that this is a model, small in size, but its strength is not small. It is really hydraulic and can easily lift 15-30 kilograms.
All metal jack model, using stainless steel cylinder body, aluminum alloy base shell, appearance simulation, precision structure, two-stage piston rod, conservative lifting force of 30 kilograms.
Instructions for use: When the player receives the product, the jack is at the highest lifting position, and at this time, the hand joystick is pulled out,
Rotate the pressure relief valve counterclockwise with the head of the joystick for one and a half turns, slowly press down on the piston rod to the bottom, then rotate the pressure relief valve clockwise for one and a half turns, insert the joystick into the press hand, and shake it up and down. Jack can work
(When using for the first time, press down on the piston rod and shake the hand rocker slowly. If the speed is too fast, the hydraulic oil and air in the cylinder will generate bubbles. After raising the hydraulic oil level, a small amount of hydraulic oil will be discharged from the exhaust hole. This is a normal phenomenon and will be eliminated after multiple cycles of operation.)
Usage note: Vertical jacks can only be placed vertically and cannot be used horizontally or upside down.
When the jack shakes the joystick and the piston rod cannot reach the top, use a syringe to replenish hydraulic oil to the oil injection port
When placing the jack, please be at the highest lifting position. If the piston rod is in a retracted state, the jack cannot be placed horizontally or upside down. Otherwise, hydraulic oil will flow out of the oil injection and exhaust holes.

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