PK40002EH Remote Control Hydraulic Truck Crane for 1/14 Tamiya Rc Tractor


  • $2,374.02

Noted:it Is Remote Control Toy Tractor Truck Part,size Is Very Small,not for Real Tractor Truck
The price is for the truck-mounted crane only and does not include the remote control car shown in the picture.
There are four versions to choose from:
(Only the crane does not include the body), five-section telescopic boom version
PK40002-EH type truck crane

You are welcome to purchase the PK40002-EH truck-mounted crane produced by JXmodel. In order to use this product better, please read this instruction carefully first to avoid unnecessary losses.

Product Description

1. 1/14 remote control heavy-duty truck crane model, suitable for 1/14 Tamiya tractor scale, Tamiya tractor modification, military truck crane model modification.

2. 1 set of main frame, 5 cylinders of main frame;

4 telescopic legs, 4 telescopic leg cylinders;

4 supporting legs, 4 supporting leg geared motors with 2 ESCs;

One 4-way reversing valve is equipped with four 9g servos;

Turntable and turntable motor distribution ESC 1 set;

Large flow and high pressure oil pump plus 1 set of electric adjustment;

One oil tank 82*52*52;

1 set of simulated girder, 2 boom positioning plates, (for duplicating the required hole position of the product)

Comes with 1 meter of high-pressure tubing, 1 meter of soft tubing, and 2 clips for tubing;

A product manual.

3. Lifting power: hydraulic (test lifting 3KG, the reason is that the extension length of the telescopic arm in the third section is different and the lifting force is different, and you know the real car. It is recommended not to lift heavy objects. After all, it is a model. The pursuit is action, and it can be lifted for simulation. heavy objects)

4. Telescopic outrigger power: hydraulic pressure

5. Vertical supporting leg power: N20 geared motor plus screw rod

Product Specifications

1. Product folded size: 170(L)X200(W)X200(H)mm (the reserved space for installation is not less than 170mm)

2. The fully expanded size of the product: the length of the third telescopic arm is 650mm;

The height of the second arm is 350mm;

Lifting height 834mm (measured from the ground)

3. Rotation angle (left/right) 360 degrees, it is recommended to be less than 360 degrees

4. Product weight: 5.5KG

5. Power supply: 2S-3S lithium battery (recommended to use 3S)

6. The control channel required by the product: 8 channels (it is recommended that players use less than 12 channels for remote control)

7. Hydraulic oil: New ordinary national standard 46# hydraulic oil (not too thick)


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