RC ERA 1:28 C189 Md500 Rc Helicopter RTF

RC ERA 1:28 C189 Md500 Rc Helicopter RTF


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C189 Four way Single Propeller Aileron Free Photorealistic Helicopter 1:28
Product Material: PA/PC
Product Color: Red White/Camo Yellow/Military Green/Black
Product specification: rotor diameter 32cm, body length 33.5cm, height 12.6cm
Color box specification: 46 * 11.5 * 23CM
Box gauge specification: 59.5 * 47 * 48CM
Packing quantity: 10PCS
Product body battery: 7.4V 1200mah lithium battery
Remote control battery: 1.5V "AA" * 4 (to be purchased separately)
Remote control distance: 150-200 meters
Remote control time: 15 minutes
Charging time: 90 minutes
Product configuration: color box packaging * 1, helicopter * 1, main seat remote control * 1, manual * 1, USB charger * 1, main propeller * 5, tail propeller * 1, lithium battery * 1, screwdriver * 1, hexagonal wrench * 1
Function description:
Adopting a single propeller without aileron design, a 6-axis electronic gyroscope for stability enhancement, and incorporating a barometer for altitude control. Optional optical flow positioning for more stable flight and easier control! Long battery life! Impact resistant! The appearance is reduced in proportion to the actual aircraft, which can not only control flight but also serve as a decoration
1. No aileron design, using aerodynamic principles to design propellers to provide strong power and body self stability. 6-channel variable pitch structure design, using a 6-axis gyroscope for ultra stable flight;
2. Equipped with a standard remote control for the main seat, providing more precise control and a better feel;
3. Dual brushless motors, with stronger power, good outdoor wind resistance, and longer service life;
4. Barometer height setting, optional optical flow positioning, stable flight;
5. Modular battery, intelligent power management system, easy and fast installation, effective protection of the battery, and longer service life;
6. Special effects such as ascending, descending, advancing, retreating, flying to the left, flying to the right, rotating to the left, rotating to the right, flying along the route, and brushing the pan;
7.6G mode, using a 6-axis gyroscope for stable flight, especially suitable for beginners in flight;
8. Low voltage alarm, locked rotor protection, loss of control protection, large and small rudder conversion, one click takeoff, one click landing, and other functions;
9. Equipped with a dedicated USB charger for fast and stable charging

Equipped with multiple flight speeds, flight gears can be selected based on personal proficiency, ensuring safety and comfort during play.

Easy to control one click takeoff and landing, an entry-level choice for beginners, with plenty of room for professional players to upgrade and modify

2.4G high-frequency signal, 150-200m long distance remote control still sensitive, smooth to play without obstruction


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