1/12 954 Remote Control Hydraulic Excavator Metal Model RTR


  • $2,077.95

1/12 954 RC Hydraulic Excavator Metal Model RTR 
Proportion: 1:12
Packing size 100*37*37cm
New steel plate welding, including cab, bucket, boom and chassis bracket, is stronger. (Cab color can be changed)
Driving speed: 310 meters per hour
Excavation depth: 414mm
Length: 1.15m /45 inches
Width: 240mm
Height: 832mm
Dead weight: 20kg/44lbs
Channel 10 2.4Ghz radio
Scale console (driver and seat can be installed)
Metal molded rail (50mm wide)
Efficient underframe with track
Reliable hydraulic valve and adjustable pump
The chassis rotates 360 degrees (annular)
Yellow powder coating
Large Brushless System (Hydraulic)
600 kV Brushless Giant Torque Motor (4130 outer rotor, 6mm shaft)
The belt/track is a separately controlled track.
Running time: 40-50 minutes (6500 mAh battery)
Excavating force: 15 kg /33 lb
Operating oil pressure: 20 bar, 290 psi.


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