1/16 Full Metal Remote Control Screw Excavator RTR


  • $1,254.75

1/16 Full Metal Remote Control Screw Excavator RTR

All metal 1:16 ratio screw remote control excavator

There are three colors of red/yellow/blue, other colors can also be customized, please contact customer service!

Product material: metal alloy electronic components.
Product specifications and dimensions: Chassis part: length 30CM, width 20CM. Height 8CM (without robotic arm)
The total height of the product is 23CM, the width is 20CM, and the length is 58CM (the size of the bucket measured on the ground)
Product packing size: 80CM*35CM*25CM
Excavator working voltage: 12v.
Full battery capacity: 7500MA
Life time: 3 hours
Charging time: 5 hours
Product control mode: 2.4HG unlimited remote control.
Remote control distance: 60-120 meters (open area, no obstructions around)
Product weight: about 7KG
Package weight: about 9.5KG
Product drive mode: alloy thickened track motor drive.
Maximum speed of excavator: about 5KM at one time, (motor speed is about 50 revolutions per minute)
Product Slewing Platform: This excavator can rotate infinitely at 360 degrees. There is a 5A waterproof electric slip ring in the slewing platform.
Maximum load weight: 65 kg. This model car can be manned and walked in a short time, which other plastic excavators can't do.

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