1/24 Metal Shell Chassis GTR R35 AWD Gyro Brush Motor Rc Drift Car RTR


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Remote-controlled drift cars are not suitable for outdoor street racing. Drift tires are suitable for indoor control practice on flat, smooth and seamless ground or on drift track maps.

Brush configuration:
1】Metal car shell

2】10A brushed ESC + 130 brushed motor

3] 520 mAh battery X1 (built-in)

4】9g digital servo

6. X6FG gyro six-channel remote control
7. Large-size metal wheels + tires
product design
1. The car shell has a wheelbase of 106mm and the frame is adjustable from 106mm to 120mm.
2. Four types of steering gear fixed distance adjustment;
JS: Adjust the appropriate angle of the steering gear rod according to the change of the wheelbase length of the frame;
3. Adjustment of the motor base;
JS: You can fine-tune the gear engagement and replace gears with different T numbers;
4. The front and rear upper rocker arms can fine-tune the front and rear chamfers and inclination angles (low and low) of the wheels' inner and outer angles.
JS: Adjust different data to adapt to the requirements of different venues and competitions;
5. Adjustable Kimi screws for the front and rear A-arms (lower rocker arms)
JS: You can adjust the balance and height of the left and right sides of the car body;
6. The whole car is designed with 18 metal ball bearings
JS: A typical mini car has 14 bearings.

7 Unique adjustable ball differential

JS: There are a total of 4 metal ball bearings inside and outside each ball differential. Not only can the tightness be adjusted, but it can also be directly adjusted to a straight axis for drifting.

PS: Adjustable ball differentials are used in high-end flat racing model cars. The ball differential operates smoothly and softly, and accelerates quickly through corners. It can effectively alleviate the shaft effect of the motor being placed sideways, making it easier to take advantage of the straight line. In some big foreign brands, such as yokomo, the ordinary versions of their series are equipped with gear differentials, and only their top-end versions are equipped with adjustable ball differentials;

The design has the same caster angle design as the 1:10 mainstream drift frame. Not only that, it can also be adjusted to a positive angle racing mode. 1:10 frames currently do not have this positive angle adjustment function, so 1:10 drift or racing frames need to be distinguished, while MINI-D can be set up in dual drift and racing modes.

[Function of Caster Angle Design]: It helps the vehicle body to be more stable when traveling sideways and to travel farther. For example, when the steering is turned to the left to the maximum, the landing area of the left and right wheels will be relatively reduced, thereby reducing excessive friction, and the posture is also very graceful!


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