1/28 MINI Q8 AWD Metal Chassis Remote Control Drift Car with Gyroscope RTR


  • $278.25


1 finished remote control drift car
1 remote control
1 lithium battery
1. Phillips screwdriver X1

2. Remove tire sleeve X1

3. Cleaning brush X1

4. Spare gear X1

5. Spare screw X1

6. Drift practice pile X4


This RC drift car can be played by hand. The power system uses a 130-strong magneto and metal ball bearings throughout the car. The speed can reach 25KM/HR.

Scale: 1/28 1/24
Four-wheel drive design
Four-wheel independent suspension system
Equipped with full-scale 2.4G remote control Dumbo X6 PRO
Using 7.4V lithium battery, the complete set is ready to play
Metal rims, imported pom drift tires, easy drifting
Whole vehicle ball bearings
5g digital servo, 28000 rpm 130 motor
With gyroscope function
Various car shells to choose from

Adjustable tilt flat tire

Adjustable base height
Adjustable body height
Adjustable front and rear toe angles
Can be modified with metal steel teeth for the entire vehicle
The drift tool head single tail straight kit can be modified to achieve the handbrake drift effect
Support subsequent modification of rear drive drift
The bottom plate can be adjusted to 90-126MM wheelbase, and there are no restrictions on modifying the car shell.
Length: 150-220MM

Height: 50-60MM
Wheelbase: ranging from 94-122
Wheel base: front 70MM, rear 72MM
Motor: Level 130





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