2.4G Rainbow 880 RC Boat Sailing Model


  • $219.45

2.4G Rainbow 880 RC Boat Sailing Model

Configuration instructions
Empty ship (without electronic equipment): including hull, mast, sail, stabilizer, lead pressure, rudder, and ship frame. (Need to purchase a steering gear, a cable receiving machine, a set of remote control equipment + batteries, after installing according to the manual, you can launch the boat)

Full set of belt control: empty ship + steering gear + cable receiving machine + remote control equipment (the steering gear, cable receiving machine and receiver have been installed and debugged, only need to equip the remote control equipment with 12 AA batteries, follow the steps in the manual, it is simple After installation, you can go into the water)

Specifications: Length: 880MM Width: 180MM Overall Height: 1830MM Mast Height: 1340MM
Sail area: 40dm
Color box size: 98*25*19cm
  Hull material: FRP spray paint
Sail material: high density polyester
Mast material: high strength aluminum alloy
Full equipment weight: 2.8kg
Package size: 100*27*26cm

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