CROSSRC BC8 8×8 8WD Military Truck Rc Car Model Car KIT


  • $1,433.25


Note: The kit version means separate parts. It does not have any electronic accessories. You need to assemble it yourself when you get it!
BC8 standard version: swing arm, steering cup, chassis guard, gearbox shell, all made of plastic, including (brushed 560 motor x1, lighting system x1)
BC8 high-end version: swing arm, steering cup, chassis guard, gearbox shell, all made of CNC aluminum alloy, frame 98% metal, including (brushed 560 motor x1, lighting system x1, sound system x1, hobbywing Hobbywing metal shell 10A-BECx1)
The entire vehicle is an independent suspension system, with exquisitely designed and authentically reproduced 8 sets of front torsion springs and rear balance beam suspension; a specially developed 560 high-power and high-torque brushed motor; 8X8 all-wheel drive; an all-metal transmission shaft and 8 sets of reinforced Φ5CVD Half shafts; all-metal gear two-speed gearbox; 4-wheel linkage steering; 135mm giant mammoth tires, together create this mechanical monster. The entire car is equipped with violent equipment and is ready to go!
Body size: length: 750mm width: 250mm height: 240mm
Tire outer diameter: 130mm inner diameter: 65mm width: 50mm

The BC8 realistically reproduces the rough and ferocious mechanical monster features of the prototype car, and is a classic representative of violent aesthetics. The main beam is made of all metal and is simulated to be sturdy. The entire vehicle suspension consists of 8 independent rocker arms. The first two axles are steering axles, and the steering angle is carefully calculated and designed to match the steering angle of a real car's multi axle steering. The front suspension uses dual torsion bars and spring shock absorbers as shock absorbers, with adjustable softness and hardness, providing a realistic driving posture. The rear two axles adopt a balanced beam suspension, which can better achieve load bearing and towing functions on the basis of posture and simulation.
The original BC8 is equipped with a specially custom-made high-torque and high-power 560 electric motor as standard, paired with a two-speed transmission system composed of all-metal gears, and eight powerful CVDs with a thickness of 5mm. Build a solid foundation for violent driving.
In order to achieve simulation and increase the driving performance of off-road roads, the BC8 uses the patented MAMMOTH-135/45 R2.2 large-size tires. Obstacles such as wasteland, mud, and gravel are like walking on flat ground, achieving strong passing performance.
The BC8 adopts a heavy-duty double-shaft traction disc with all-metal structure, adopts a double-shaft design and is equipped with a metal guide rail, which provides a strong and reliable traction connection when towing heavy equipment through complex terrain.
The BC8 reproduces the prototype's chunky chassis and is so powerful that it lives up to its all-weather, all-terrain title of "transport overlord".



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