Crossrc UC6 1/12 Rc Off-road Truck 6x6 Kit KIT CS-90100020


  • $971.25

Configuration of CROSS UC6: (KIT version, users need to assemble and paint by themselves)
1. The original car is equipped with a lighting module including a top light, a turn signal light and a headlight.
2. Metal axles, steel teeth to strengthen the load.
3. Three metal middle drive shafts.
4. Equipped with a horn, note that it is not equipped with a sound system (sound group).
5. Equipped with a 35T high torque motor, a gearbox and an upgraded and strengthened motor seat.
6. All-metal wheels, metal connectors.
The frame does not include: remote control and receiver/servo/battery/charger/electronic speed controller/sound components. Need to be purchased separately
CROSS-RC UC6 1/12 remote control simulation off-road truck military truck climbing car KIT kit CS-90100020

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