DC3V 5V LED Light Flashing Controller Module for 1/14 TAMIYA Remote Control Truck


  • $40.95

Function: It can be directly inserted into the three-stage switch channel of the receiver to control the switch light and switch the strobe mode. You can also use the button switch that comes with the module to control it.

Dimensions: 35x28x13mm

Applicable scenarios: 1/14 or 1/10 remote control car, control of light strobe lights, emergency lights

Light control 3V interface: can be directly connected to LED without resistor

5V interface: connect to 5V light strip and luminous mark

Independent power supply: You need to plug and unplug the jumper pin to realize external power supply, then the receiver power supply is no longer used.

Note: This controller interface has two voltages, please read the following instructions carefully.




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