Diesel Engine Engine Model CNC All Metal


  • $975.45

Diesel Engine Engine Model CNC All Metal for Rc Boat Ship Model
product information
Bore size: 14.8MM
Stroke: 12.8MM
Displacement: 2.6CC
Speed: 200-12000RPM
Fuel: methanol (methanol is recommended if remote control is required)
External force start (hand pull rope or electric drill)
Features of the pylon: with automatic clutch, forward gear, neutral gear, and reverse gear (can realize remote control of throttle, gear, steering, and optional remote control equipment)
All copper CNC processing, force-bearing parts are made of 304 stainless steel and hardened 420 steel, and the single hanger is equipped with ten stainless steel bearings.

special reminder
All products do not include steering gear
Single bracket (excluding engine)
When shifting gears, please do not wait until the engine is in the idle clutch-off state. Recommended for use in 1-1.2 meters of water