GL Racing GTR Rwd Rc Drift Car Frame

GL Racing

  • $320.25

GL Racing  GTR Rc Drift Car Frame

GL-GTR available in February
GLR is the first RWD of GL Racing and till now it is still one of the top selling products of us. GT incorporated a lot of innovative technologies into RWD car in such mini RC scale.
GTR consolidated both of their strengthens into a new version of GL Racing RWD car and with additional new features.
1. Ball joints front suspension arms which help to eliminate plays but without scarify their smo othness
2. Adjustable dust proof central and rear side dampers
3. The lowest CG car of GL Racing as of today
4. Super wide offset creates ultra stability of the car even 0 degree offset rims are used
5. Market well received T-shape central and rear side dampers layout
6. Ride height adjustable motor mount (Option parts for ride height adjustments to be sold se parately)
7. Front anti-roll bar with bearings (Option)
8. Dual steering arms system can be upgraded to aluminum and have saver capability (Option)
9. New version Titanium servo is more durable and providing precise handling experience (to b e sold separately)

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