LESU 1/16 Metal Chassis 4X4 AOUE-1050 Rc Tractors Kit RTR


  • $996.45

This product is only suitable for toy models and is not suitable for real vehicles

Brand: LESU
Item Condition:KIT   OR  RTR 
Scale: 1/16
Material: Metal, Plastic
Net Weight: 4.7KG
Chassis Size: 390*215*220mm
Wheelbase: 208mm

kit  Package Includes:
only 1/16 Metal Chassis

Remote Controller and Receiver
rtr Package Includes:
1/16 Metal Chassis 
Cabin Shell
Light sound  System
Remote Controller and Receiver

RTR  Package Does Not Include:

1. Four-wheel Drive with Built-in Differential:
- Equipped with four-wheel drive capability.
- Integrated differential system within the front and rear axles for superior traction control.

2. Front Axle with Suspension:
- Front axle designed with suspension for enhanced stability and smooth driving experience.

3. Rear Hook with Lifting System:
- Rear hook with the option to attach and extend various accessories.
- Integrated lifting system for raising and lowering attachments.

4. Front Hook:
- Front hook with the flexibility to attach additional accessories as needed.

5. Central Differential System:
- Features a central differential to balance speed and power distribution between front and rear axles.

6. Brushed Motor Drive:
- Powered by a reliable brushed motor for efficient and consistent performance.

7. CNC Machined Chassis:
- Ensuring precision and aesthetic appeal.

8. High Torque Steering Servo:
- Equipped with a high-torque steering servo for responsive and agile maneuvering.

Technical Specifications:
- Minimum Ground Clearance: 35 mm
- Axle Gear Ratio: 1:3
- Motor Speed: 196 RPM at 12V
- Front Wheel Specs: Diameter 113 mm, Width 42.4 mm
- Rear Wheel Specs: Diameter 146.5 mm, Width 54.5 mm

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