LESU AT-C0042 Hydraulic Quick Release for 945 AC360 SK500 Rc Excavator


  • $292.95



1/14 excavator hydraulic wrist


Product model:AT-C0042-A/AT-C0042-B/AT-C0042-C


Type A is suitable for: BA-B0001 (374 excavator)


Section B applies to:

1: BA-B0002 (AC360 excavator)


2: RD-A0006 (wheeled excavator)


Three: BA-B0012 (Small short tail three-section arm excavator)


Four: BA-B0016 (945 excavator)


Five: BA-B0018 (SK500 excavator)


Six: BA-B0017 (945 three-section arm)


Seven: BA-B0021 (AC360 small short tail two-section excavator)


Eight: BA-B0022 (AC360 two-section arm)


Nine: BA-B0011 (AC360 three-section arm)


Type C is suitable for: BA-B0006 (large short tail)


Product material: aluminum alloy


Product functions: left and right tilt and rotation function 270° rotation


Product size chart:

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