LESU Third Gear Metal Gearbox F-5021 for 1/14 TAMIYA RC Scania Volvo Tractor Truck


  • $199.50

1/14 Truck LESU New High Torque Three-speed Gearbox

Accessory Model: F-5021

LESU new gearbox has three gears. First gear 1/20.9; second gear 1/10.5; third gear 1/5.2. A transfer case can be installed, suitable for all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive vehicles. The reduction ratio of the transfer case is 1:1. The main feature of this gearbox is that it can pull and run. The reduction ratio design is coordinated.
The gearbox is made of CNC aluminum alloy and anodized on the surface. Good precision, light weight and high hardness. Suitable for TAMIYA 1/14 series truck models and LESU 1:14 1:16 series models and personal DIY modified models.

The gearbox has three styles: gearbox with transfer case, gearbox with lowered single-axis output position. Gearbox. Suitable for rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, and DIY modified car models. The gearbox shift position can be changed. More flexible. Players no longer need to worry about the installation of the gear shift servo, which adds more modification space to the car.



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