MAD Simulation Engine for 90104 SCX10 Trx4 Rc Car


  • $97.65

MAD Simulation Engine for 90104 SCX10 Trx4 Rc CarSpecification:
Name: V8 engine model
Material: plastic ,
size:15CM*15CM*7.3CM(Please pay attention to the size before buying)
Product: Parts (need to assemble by yourself)
Engine model: The simulated V8 engine is suitable for RC cars such as AX90104, SCX10, Capra, VS4-10, etc.
RC full simulation engine: V8 internal combustion engine structural principle design, pulley winding drive structure, generator, air conditioning compressor, steering pump, water pump, complete output flywheel and layered cylinder head, cylinder head cover, spiral near and far valve intake manifold, Oil pan structure, power driver board plug interface.

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