Orlandoo Hunter OH32A02 Pajero Rc Climbing Car Kit

Orlandoo Hunter

  • $110.25

First, the Orlando Hunter model car belongs to the KIT version (the bulk parts need to be assembled and painted by themselves). In order to avoid the small parts and quality problems, we will remove the outer packaging to check, please understand
Second, the frame and electronic parts are separated from the factory, motor, ESC, servo, battery, charger, motor has a speed of 2000 1000 800 500 300 200 150 120 80, please set according to your own needs, the higher the speed of torque The smaller. ESCs are equipped with a light control with a step-down. The remote control factory is not produced, and players can freely match the remote controls on the market. (You can also purchase our recommended remote control in this store - high sensitivity, 200 meters remote radius, available battery or Orlando Hult lithium battery power supply and mini remote control)
Third, with the light with step-down ESC requires the player to solder the lamp line, the welding method of the lamp on the ESC bag
Note: The battery is fully charged for about 30 minutes. When you are not playing, be sure to unplug the battery or turn off the power switch. Otherwise, the battery will be over-discharged.
Please note
1. Product is unpainted also need you Diy Assemble
2,Motor is 300rpm
3.,Servo is 1.9g and 2.2g
4.Battery is 7.4V , We have 260ma and 300ma




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