Unity RC Gyro High-speed Gyroscope UR710 V2 YD-2/D4/Rear Drive Drift Car


  • $40.95

Do not use it with the remote control of RadioLink and DUMBORC

UR710 V2 car gyroscope:

The new product features are as follows:
1. Adopt the main control chip of the 2023 version of the 32-bit high-speed processor imported from Japan to make its overall data processing more faster and smoother;
2. Using the 2023 version of the high-resolution sensor imported from Japan, the resolution of this sensor is about 10 times that of the previous generation of sensors, and its overall performance is better and more stable;

Based on the 2023 version of the main control chip and the 2023 version of the high-resolution sensor, the overall sensitivity mode program algorithm and gain program algorithm are fully matched and optimized to make it more stable and smooth;
4. Comes with EPA limit function;
5. The overall anti-interference ability is stronger than the previous generation.

This gyroscope supports 7.4v high voltage operation and can with KEY FULCRUM K7351 K5352 high voltage brushless digital servos.

Drift cars, F1 and other remote-controlled rear-wheel-drive four-wheel-drive vehicles can achieve the ideal walking effect through the interference correction of the electronic gyroscope.

The sensitivity is adjustable. With the KEY FULCRUM K7351 K5352 steering gear, the sensitivity of the steering response can be visually observed by shaking the vehicle in the air.

There is a plastic tool in the accessory bag to rotate and adjust the sensitivity knob in the metal box. The rotation range is very small. Please do not forcefully rotate it to cause permanent damage to the internal precision electronic components.

The shell is all metal, and the shell will not be damaged after repeatedly using strong double-sided tape to bond the vehicle chassis (the plastic shell is easily damaged).

All output cables are upgraded to thick black cables, and it is more secure to use 7.4V high-voltage BEC output. Please see the direction of the plug when connecting.

The factory has all been powered on and tested to ensure that the quality is correct.






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