WLTOYS 1/28 284131 K969 K979 K989 K999 Rc Car Metal Upgraded Frame


  • $122.85

Applicable models: wltoys 1/28 284131 K969 K979 K989 K999 P929 P939 rc car

Material: driving gear and reduction gear are made of steel, and the others are made of aluminum.

Weight: 195g

Packing size (carton packaging): 190mm*112mm*42mm

Frame size: 175mm*76mm (adjustable wheelbase)

Additional:, reduction gear*1, driving gear*1, servo arm*1, screwdriver*1

Note: The frame is as shown in the figure, without motor, ESC, remote control, battery, car shell, car shell bracket. Various electronic devices can be installed according to your needs. Because the frame is made of metal, screw glue should be applied to each screw position before use to prevent the screws from falling off.










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