WLtoys 10428-A Ghost 1/10 4wd Remote Control Rock Climbing Short Truck RTR


  • $257.25


Product name: 10428-A Ghost1/10 4wd remote control rock climbing short truck

Product size: 42.5 * 25.5 * 20.5CM
Color box size: 60 * 27.5 * 23CM

Full functionality of the product: structural control simulation, hands-on and brainy. Forward and backward, turn left and right. 
Twist waist angle: Around 35 degrees Climbing angle: around 45 degrees
Electric dispatch receiving server: Three in one circuit dual server system
Motor: 540 brush motor Remote control: 2.4G remote control
Remote control distance: ≥ 100 meters
Remote control battery: 6 AA batteries (purchased separately)
Battery: Lithium battery 7.4V 2200mAh
Charger: USB charging(All new ones are now being changed to USB charging)

Charging time: about 4 hours
Usage time: About 10 minutes
Server: 6kg 5-wire server/2kg 5-wire server
Car shell: explosion-proof PVC Gear: Alloy teeth
Four wheel independent suspension system with front differential and rear straight axle. Dual function , with climbing and running speeds, simulated appearance, suitable for a wide range of people
Speed: Up to 30KM/H about (Dual speed)
Product accessory details: instruction manual, charger, small cross sleeve

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