YOKOMO YD-2 EXIIS Xxii Rc Car Drift Frame


  • $720.30

Note that you need to assemble it by yourself, and the electronic equipment, tires and wheels in the picture are not included. All electronic equipment is not included, the price is just the frame.
Items you need to purchase separately: 3-channel radio device (transmitter, receiver, speed controller, steering gear), steering gyroscope, battery (Li-po 2 battery/Ni-cd, Ni-MH6 battery), charging machine, 1/10 size drift tires/wheels, motor, 1/10 size drift body
Excludes body shell, wheels, tires, motor, battery, motor teeth, steering gyroscope and other remote control electronics.
Among the popular RWD drift machines, the YD-2 EXII, which has always been at the pinnacle of RWD, eager to drive and exquisite in appearance, has a new arc steering rack, new steering blocks, new rear wheel cups and many other new accessories as standard configuration Installed in bulk. There are two colors available: black version and limited red version!

YD-2 EXⅡS is a frame that can enjoy high-grade steering feel. In addition to the excellent traction performance and driving stability brought by the low center of gravity and rigid chassis structure, the appearance and operation are both high-grade! The ultimate state-of-the-art RWD drift car allows you to enjoy the fun of free drifting.

main feature
Total length: 425mm
Overall width: 198mm
Wheelbase: 256mm
Secondary reduction ratio: 1:2.6

Machine weight: 1500g
Newly designed arc steering system
four speed rear transmission
sealed gearbox
Aluminum alloy front steering rack
Four-wheel independent double wishbone suspension
High-performance ultra-low friction aluminum vehicle highly adjustable hydraulic shock absorber
Carbon fiber chassis and second floor
Aluminum alloy front and rear shock mounts
49mm steel rear cardan shaft
Narrow steering knuckle
Large rear diffuser

The main aluminium parts are anodized in bright red.As one of the setting components, the aluminum suspension bracket has undergone black anodizing treatment, so even if the setting is changed, it will not feel uncomfortable.

The standard equipment is a high-precision curved ST slide rail frame made of aluminum/carbon.From the start of the steering to the maximum rudder angle, a smooth, natural steering feel is achieved.

With the Ackermann transmission ratio created by curved ST sliding racks, it achieves steering characteristics suitable for 2WD drift.The grip near the maximum steering angle is also increased, and the sense of stability is enhanced even when driving at a large angle.

By attaching the sliding rack body forward, it is possible to suppress the change in the angle of the tie rod relative to the horizontal plane during steering operation, and to achieve stable turning characteristics over the entire steering angle.

The steering block is also optimized for the latest two-wheel drive drift.Combined with a short cantilever, it achieves an overwhelming cutting angle.

The rear bracket and support components are made of aluminum.It greatly improves the rolling/pitching stiffness to achieve fast operation.

The rear wheel hub has more upper arm installation positions, and the range of setting for changes in roll center and ground camber is wider, which can actively utilize roll.

The suspension is made of high-precision aluminum.You can also change the angle in detail by replacing the resin liner.

A 4-speed transmission increases rear traction.The joint shaft of the gear differential is made of aluminum, which helps improve throttle response.

All sizes of batteries available for sale in 1/10 remote-controlled vehicles, such as nickel cadmium batteries, nickel hydrogen batteries, and lithium batteries, can be installed.(There are two types of products, one is a standard size and the other is a short lithium battery with a battery holder.) )

*The photo is a reference example for assembly. The actual item is KIT loose parts and needs to be assembled by oneself,Excluding the electronic devices, tires, and wheels in the picture.

Run the assembly kit
Required items: 3-channel radio (transmitter, receiver, speed controller, steering gear), steering gyroscope, battery (Li-po 2 battery /Ni-cd, Ni-MH6 battery), charger, 1/10th drift tire/wheel, motor, 1/10th drift car shell.
Excludes body, wheels, tires, motors, batteries, motor teeth, steering gyroscopes, and other remote-controlled electronics.